In the wider region of the White Mountains, approximately 650 floral taxa have been recorded.

The floristic list, of the White Mountains, however, has not yet been completed, as this is confirmed by the description of a new species, Anthemis samariensis (Turland N.J.), a perennial chasmophyte, discovered in 2007, on a steep slope of the White Mountains, between the summits of Melidaou and Avlimanakos. In the White Mountains, 25 stenoendemic species (species exclusive to the area in which they grow) and 97 endemic species of Crete are encountered. The half of the endemic species of Crete, are found in the region of the White Mountains.

Characteristic species are:

·         Nepeta sphaciotica, a perennial aromatic shrub and endemic of the White Mountains, which grows only on the northern side of summit Svourichti, at altitudes of 2200-2300 meters, and nowhere else in the world.

In the region, aromatic, medicinal and edible species are also encountered:


Source: Samaria National Park Management Body website