The crossing of the "Gorge offers a unique and fascinating experience. In Crete there are plenty of diamonds a finite natural beauty and a kind of remarkable is the gorges.

samaria gorge sThe Samaria Gorge, "the gorge, but it is one and only. The Passage of the "Gorge is a unique and fascinating experience. The hiker is confronted with nature and wild beauty.
Rewarded for the hard hiking in rough ground with steep primitive and an imposing sight, a beautiful landscape without human intervention, a unique sense of awe and admiration for infinite the greatness that faces intact.
The National Park of the White Mountains Crete, known as the Samaria Gorge, founded in 1962 to the protection and preservation of scientific and cultural value of region. For these reasons recognized by the Council of Europe as one of the most wild, unspoiled and unique scientifically terms of natural parks in the world!
The reputation of this magnificent place starting from ancient times. The stunning natural beauty was known and admired by the ancient Minoan times.
The Dorians who occupied the region in the 5th century BC convert canyon to a large religious center, creating the city-state Tarra its exit to the sea.
Also, they built churches and founded the Oracle of Apollo in the heart of the gorge. Starting the journey us from the inexhaustible Chania with its Venetian harbor, the 42 kilometers of asphalt road leads us from among orchards and concrete examples of Cretan folk art on the physiognomy praised the plateau Plateau.
About four kilometers from the principle of coming to Xiloskalo Plateau, where the road ends. Of this point begin walking. Now you are at an altitude of 1200 measures.
The majestic mountain that stands before you is Gigilos. At the foot of the great slippery rock downhill on the right is the source Linoselli, where tradition says that Zeus descending often took his bath.
In final passage
In the background, to your left, you can see the bare peaks of the White Mountains. One of these, Pachnes (2,452 m), is the second highest peak in Crete with four measures the difference Psiloritis.
Xyloskalo has remained a strategic point during the long history.
The of importance because it is the lowest passing to go in and get out of the canyon. Where the trail begins, stairs cut into the rock to make the transition easier. In the old days but they used a ladder made of logs trees, from where it got its name, Xiloskalo.
In Xiloskalo and tourism booth is equipped with a restaurant. From terrace one can enjoy one of the most panoramic Lunches will ever receive in life. Mr. Aristotle, in charge tourist kiosk of wooden ladders, a genuine native who is Always full of enthusiasm to give you any information you wish for entire complex of the White Mountains and of course the Samaria Gorge.