Samaria gorge - National Park since 1962
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After 30 minutes of descent found the source Neroutsos. Leaving behind the source and along the downhill path, we reach after 45 minutes in the chapel of St. Nicholas. In 60 minutes the Agios Nikolas appears ahead, the ruined village of Samaria, located approximately in the middle of the path.
Here you will find the wayfarer a small station that is equipped with telephone and first Emergency aid and toilets with running water. Here also can rent whoever wants a mule for the remainder of the journey. The gorge was abandoned in 1962 when the Greek government declared the area of the canyon national park.
The Most of the Samariotes moved to St. Roumeli and elsewhere. Now, most houses are in ruins. Only churches Ossia Mary, Christ and St. George fighting the erosion of the time.
The Ossia Maria is the oldest of the three. Built in 1379 by the Venetians then prevailing in Crete and have little economic interest in timber-rich forests of the gorge. The name "Ossia Maria" gradually became "Sia Maria", "Sa Maria" and finally Samaria. At 45 minutes after the gorge is in our path a great source, known in the region as Kefalovrisi or Kefalovriso.
The presence of running water from the sea Kefalovrisi to do the latter part of the journey more enjoyable. In 20 minutes Kefalovrisi to find the church of the Transfiguration and more after the Sidiroportes. It is the narrowest part of the gorge, about three meters wide and several meters deep. Approximately 30 minutes from the Doors and just get out of the limits of the gorge one arrives at the old St.Roumeli
Waiting the ship in Agia Roumeli
Twenty minutes later the hot portent of Libyan is a really blue. New Bible is Roumeli on the ruins of ancient Tara and vibrant.
The 16 km hiking and 1,200 meters height difference from Xyloskalo to sea require six hours available to suck some juice this Cretan corner.
The potential for rehabilitation, in the more or less common, is by boat to Sfakia, the Sougia and Paleochora
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The Gorge National Park is open to visitors from 1 May to October 31.

Visitors are allowed to move Only the central path has been marked by Xiloskalo in St. Roumeli and vice versa.

Traffic on all other trails requires written permission of the Forest Directorate of Chania and strictly controlled.
Prohibited exactly lighting up fire, camping overnight in the Park, cut flowers, the eradication or destruction of plants.
Even the possession of weapons or traps, the introduction of the dog park, hunting, Fishing and swimming in streams of the park.
Not allowed radio, song, throwing stones, the usual noise rejection waste to other locations beyond those established for the purpose it.
Also, no smoking, except the positions of rest and The consumption of alcohol.